Happy rocking 2017 to you all..... 

After a busy 2016 with our tour of the West Country which we loved and will be definitely back for more and elsewhere, Playing at many Beard festivals and competitions which was amazing to meet so many great friendly hirsute fuzzy faces, more please for this year. 

We have now released our first official EP called Ted Ate Keith, which includes the title track, Hubba Bubba and 10 pence man.  We love it hope you do too.  Please do check it out.  

Have a wonderful, healthy rocking solid 2017.

Lots of love. xx



We have some news for you....
Firstly we had a great time on our tour..we travelled from Martock to Plymouth playing gigs every night and it was great...we had a few scares with the bus but it did well. we have lots of gigs and opportunities from the gigs.  Check out the photos.

CD launch.. we have at long last been in the recording studio with John west at green Room Studios in witney.  We have recorded 3 songs, HubbaBubba, Ted ate keith and Ten Pence man and they sound great and are being made as we speak.  news to follow about the launch.

This Saturday 27th September...we will be supporting Toupe at The Joiners in Southampton, which we are really excited.  We have been getting about a bit.

We have had a busy and really adventurous summer with tours, festivals, beard championships and lots more coming up. 

have fun and hope to see you soon. 

Ted ate Keith imminent! 

Blimey, 2016 already! Hope you're having a good year so far. Just heard the most amazing mix of Ted ate Keith by the super talented Mr John West. Just a couple of tweaks and we'll start on the video. Can't wait!

Oops north!!!! 

Whistle stop pre Christmas shenanigans for The Beard 5th/6th December: Saturday saw an impromptu in shop performance of Ted ate Keith at Curvy Sounds in Newcastle (you can check it on Facebook). Sunday played with the Bro at the Castle pub in Richmond, Yorkshire. We'll be back!


Tonight me lovelies....Beard of Destiny will be rocking at The Marsh harrier for the Oxford City Festival...also playing is Tom Ivey Band and Cosmosis! How on earth could you miss out on this! laters!

Beard news 

Welcome to the new website....
We had a great gig in Banbury at The Wheatsheaf last Saturday, it was proper rock n a rollin and all that! Big shout out to Jack Little, Ravens, Cosmosis who all did the business!  Also thanks to Ben for the sound, and yes Adam we will be back, Thank you very much!

Keep it hairy! 

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ACOUSTIC BEARD with 12 string acoustic guitar and cahon...we still ROCK!!!

We are....
Gray Barlow and Ian Campbell....between us we have had several lifetimes worth of performing in countless live situations.


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